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Welcome to the Mingle Mask Newsroom. Members of the media will find our latest press releases, content and Mingle Mask in the news. For media samples, high-res images, multimedia and interview requests, please contact Lauren Russ at lauren@connectcomsinc.com.


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Attractive young woman wearing Mingle Mask

Attractive young woman wearing Mingle Mask

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Mingle Mask Launches First-to-Market Invisible Mask for Consumers Looking for Protection in a Post-Pandemic World


Mingle Mask, the world’s first-to-market invisible face mask, officially launched today in the United States….Read More


In the News

Reach Your Fitness Goals: Take Mingle Mask for a Workout

Women Fitness Magazine – 8/23/21

-Mingle Mask is perfect for fitness buffs who want to reduce health concerns such as exposure to pollution, flu and new COVID variants. 


Masking As Mechanic — Heating and Cooling an Auto Body Shop

Professional Auto Mechanic – 8/23/21

-Avoid extreme heat from masking with Mingle Mask, the world’s first invisible face mask that features an innovative chin guard that comfortably rests against the face.


TSA Extends Mask Mandate: The Best Transitional Mask for Travel

It Teps – 8/23/21

-Mingle Mask ensures that breathing is not disrupted, leaving travelers comfortable and able to enjoy their adventures in any setting.


Mingle Mask Makes It Safe to Mingle at Concerts and Festivals

Vents Magazine – 8/22/21

-The one-size-fits-all face mask is the ideal transitional mask for concertgoers who still want protection but don’t require a medical-grade mask.


Tips for Helping Your Kids Mask Up and How Visible Face Masks Can Help

Inspiring Mompreneurs – 8/22/21

-How can you convince your child to wear a mask, especially when they may have stopped wearing one for a while and now must wear one in school?


Friday Feels: End of Summer Edition (August 2021)

Real Mom of SFV – 8/20/21

-Meeting a friend for coffee and want to be sensitive to those around you?  Mingle Mask is a new eco-friendly invisible face mask.


Real Estate Agents Connect with Clients Again Wearing Mingle Mask

Active Rain – 8/12/21

-Many real estate agents find it challenging to talk and connect with clients through traditional cloth face masks. Now there is a new solution – Mingle Mask.


Mask On, Mask Off: New Invisible Mask Allows People to See the Real You

The Los Angeles Tribune – 8/10/21

-As the rise of the delta variant brings masking back, mingle mask is the ideal transition solution for consumers who want to breathe easier and to show their smiles.


Invisible Face Mask

Westman Reviews – 7/24/21

-Mingle Mask product review. As children and teachers prepare to return to school, there are conflicting views on whether or not they should wear masks. 


Returning To The Office? Employers Are Not Ditching The Mask Mandate

The Inscriber Magazine – July 2021

-Mingle Mask is the world’s first-to-market invisible face mask that is extremely comfortable to wear in the office all day long.


As Delta Variant Soars, Masks are Back in the Classroom

Global Learning – July 2021

-Mingle Mask allows students and teachers to communicate, interpret and mimic facial expressions, enhancing social and emotional learning.


Unboxing Mingle Mask

Rébéca Guilbert – 6/10/21

-Mingle Mask product review.


Can I use a mouth shield instead of a mask? Your COVID-19 questions answered

CBC 08.29.20

Mouth shields, like this Canadian-made product called the Mingle Mask, are see-through and cover the lower half of a person's face.


COVID-19 Face Mask: 11 Effective Face Mask Designs From Around The World

India Times 08.23.20

Canadian company Mingle Mask had created invisible face masks that are completely clear.


Invisible Face Mask ‘Mingle Mask’ Targets Canadian Retailers and Businesses

Retail Insider 08.11.20

Canadian company Mingle Mask is targeting Canadian retailers and foodservice businesses with its new invisible, ergonomic mask.